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SofCon is an Authorized System Integrator for Rockwell Automation.
Rockwell Automation is the market leader in Automation Solutions Worldwide, and they have accentuated their Global presence with an endearing network of service partners.
Rockwell aims to deliver global technology solutions, locally with support accessibility right next door.
Rockwell Authorized System Integrators understand processes better, and are better equipped to deliver a multitude of diverse applications using all Rockwell Automation products.
An Authorized System integrator is a stamp of Rockwell’s acknowledgement of technical Expertise, Industry Experience, and better Value Add for demanding customer applications. Global solutions , Local reach, local support. SofCon has been associated with Rockwell’s Indian arm ever since its inception in 1990. SofCon is fully versed with all Rockwell products beginning from Logic Controllers, to Drives, and Software products for Plant control.
For any additional Information do mail us at info@gayatrinet.com

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